class Graph.TProperty


Indicates the number of decimals used when showing numbers.


If True the window size and position is saved at program termination.


This indicates the format used when showing complex numbers. It can be Graph.cfReal, Graph.cfRectangular or Graph.cfPolar.


When this is True Graph will check for updates when started.

TProperty.DefaultFunction, TProperty.DefaultPoint, TProperty.DefaultPointLine, TProperty.DefaultShade, TProperty.DefaultTrendline, TProperty.DefaultRelation, TProperty.DefaultTangent, TProperty.DefaultDif

A tuple with default settings for functions, point markers, point lines, shadings, trendlines, relations, tangents and derivatives with style, color and size.

TProperty.DefaultPointLabelFont, TProperty.DefaultLabelFont

VCL object of type TFont with default font settings for point series labels and text labels.


Indicates if Tip of the Day should be shown at startup.


This indicates the currently selected GUI language.


This specifies the scaling in percent of the user interface, including forms and fonts. The default is 100.


This specifies if another decimal separator than the one from the locale settings should be used when data is imported and exported.


This is the decimal separator used for importing and exporting of data when CustomDecimalSeparator is True.