To use the plugin system in Graph you need to install Python 3.2 from Documentation of the Python language may be found installed with Python or online.


Plugins are Python scripts and are usually distributed in source form as .py files but the can also be distributed as compiled .pyc files. The plugin files are placed in the Plugins directory where Graph is installed, and will automatically be found and loaded by Graph.


Plugins are scripts, which are just small programs that run inside Graph and interacts with Graph. But a plugin can do anything that a program with the same rights can do. This means that if Graph is run with administrator rights, it is possible to write a plugin that erases the whole hard disk. Therefore you should be careful about which plugins you use and only install plugins from a trusted source, or at least you should check the source code for suspicious parts.

Python interpretator

The plugin system also gives access to a Python interpreter by pressing F11. In this interpreter you can write Python expressions and that way do very advanced things in Graph. It is also an easy way to test code before it is used in a plugin.