How to use Graph

When the program starts, you will see the main window shown below. This window shows the graphing area to the right with the coordinate system where the graphs you insert will be shown. You can use the menu or the buttons on the toolbar to show different dialog boxes to insert a function, edit functions, delete functions etc. You can find a description of all the menu items.

The toolbar may be customized by right clicking on the bar and selecting Customize toolbar... from the popup menu. You can then customize the toolbar by dragging commands to and from the bar. The status bar at the bottom of the window shows tooltips or other information to the left and the coordinates located at the mouse pointer to the right.

You can add new elements to the coordinate system from the Function menu. For example if you want to add a new function you use the menu item FunctionInsert function...

The function list to the left shows a list of functions, tangents, point series, shadings and relations you have added. If you want to manipulate anything in the list, just select it and use the Function menu. You can also right click on an item in the list to get the context menu with available commands. An item may be edited by double clicking on it.

The Calc menu contains commands to make calculations on functions, for example evaluations at specific coordinates or given intervals.