Installation and startup


Graph is usually distributed as an installation program named SetupGraph-x.y.exe, where x.y is the version number. To install, just execute the file and follow the instructions. The installation will install the following files in the selected directory and subdirectories:

Graph.exeThe program file.
PDFlib.dllLibrary used to create PDF files.
Thumbnails.dllShell extension for showing thumbnails of grf-files in Explorer.
Locale\*.moTranslations of the program.
Help\*.chmHelp files in different languages.
Plugins\*.pySome examples of plugins. Custom plugins can be placed here too.
Lib\*.pyLibrary files used by plugins.
Examples\*.grfSome examples that can be opened in Graph.

The installation will create a shortcut in the Start menu, which may be used to start the program. During the installation you select the preferred language. This can later be changed from the Options dialog.

If an older version of the program is already installed, the installation suggests you install in the same directory. You can just install over the old version. There is no need to uninstall the old version first, but make sure the old version is not running while installing.

The Graph Setup can take the parameters specified in the table below. These are especially useful when you want to automate the installation.

/SILENT Instructs the Setup to be silent, which means that the wizard and the background window are not displayed but the installation progress window is. Everything else is normal so for example error messages during installation are displayed. If a restart is necessary, a Reboot now? message box is displayed.
/VERYSILENT Instructs the Setup to be very silent. This is the same as silent with the addition that the installation progress window is not displayed either. If a restart is necessary, the Setup will reboot without asking.
/NORESTART Instructs Setup not to reboot even if it's necessary.
/LANG=language Specifies the language to use. language specifies the English name of the language. When a valid /LANG parameter is used, the Select language dialog will be suppressed.
/DIR=x:\dirname Overrides the default directory name displayed on the Select destination location wizard page. A fully qualified pathname must be specified.


Uninstallation is done from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Just select Graph and click on the Change/Remove button. This will remove all traces of the program. If files were added to the installation directory after the installation, you will be asked if you want to delete them. Make sure Graph is not running while uninstalling.


Usually Graph is started from the link in the Start menu. A .grf file can be passed as parameter, in which case Graph will open the specified file. In addition to this the parameters in the table below can be passed to Graph on the command line.

/SI=file Used to save an opened .grf file as an image file. The file type can be any of the image formats supported by Graph.
/WIDTH=width Used in combination with /SI to specify the width in pixels of the image to be saved.
/HEIGHT=height Used in combination with /SI to specify the height in pixels of the image to be saved.